Best Foundation of Core Services

Starta provides platinum core services with the tools businesses need most from day one. Each core feature was designed to be scalable and customizable so that implementation is seamlessly simple. Instead of waiting months or even years to roll out a new system, Starta can be implemented in as little as a few days.

Starta Services. Ready for Today, Designed for Tomorrow.

Development Management

Starta’s turnkey solution for managing your entire portfolio of developments. Supports LIHTC, Historic Tax Credits, Bonds, New Market Tax Credits, Market Rate and more.

Funding Management

Starta complements your existing accounting software by managing applications and fund allocations at a business level. Supports grants, loans, and equity, New Market Tax Credits, and more.

Document Management

Starta’s comprehensive and collaborative document management solution is like no other system. Supports online filing cabinets, checklists, document routing and more.

Project Management

Starta provides three powerful management services to insure timely completion of every project. You and your team will gain an effective view of any task—completed, upcoming and overdue.

Contact Management

Starta’s customizable Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system allows your organization to track any information regarding anymore. Other features outside of CRM include robust Journals, Messaging, and Comment Requests.

Reporting Management

Starta enables you to assume command of your business by delivering relevant, timely, and understandable information to your desktop. Supports Microsoft Excel and Work output.

Workspace Management

Starta’s workspaces allows any business to track data about anything and everything, extending business tools that were once available for the Fortune 500 to even the smallest companies.

Work Flow Management

Workflows are linear progressions of work passed along a line of people with assigned roles. Documents and due dates can be tracked and assigned throughout each stage. Email notices are sent out to participants with the specified roles as their stage becomes active.

Starta Platinum Core Services

Get started today with the most advanced set of tools tailored to your business processes. Ready for today, designed for tomorrow!

Test drive Starta with our free, no obligation account demonstration. In the demo environment you can try our platinum core services along with sample data and reports.

Privacy Policy

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