You've probably seen how Starta helps keep your business running smoothly, but did you know that it can also save you a substantial amount of money per development? Use the workbook below to get an idea of the kind of savings you can expect to see on a per development basis.

Return on Investment: $124,108.4 (Per Year)

Total Savings: $148,108.4 (Per Year)

Request for Document Costs

$8,750 - Requests for Documents
Avg. # of Phone Calls
Avg. # of Minutes
Avg. Salary of Employees
# of Years

Construction Costs

$44,858.4 - Construction Costs
Avg. Cost of Construction (in millions)
Savings % by using competitive bids via Proposal Management module

Equipment Rental & Loan Interest

$31,500 - Equipment Rental and Loan Interest
Avg. Cost per Day
Days ahead of schedule

Avoids ending 7 days late - by using the Document Management and Project Management modules

Clerical Costs

$45,000 - Time Spent Processing, Filing, and Mailing
Avg. # Hours Saved per day
Avg. Salary of Employees
# of Years

Postage Costs

$18,000 - Postage
# Documents Mailed
# Partners or Participants
Avg. Postage Rate