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Starta delivers a comprehensive and collaborative document management solution like no other system. By developing custom roles with custom permissions, you can add anyone from any organization to your project and seamlessly grant specific access to specific project documents. The Document Routing feature enables you to notify a queue of people when they need to review a document. Your team can effectively manage checklists of documents to completion, even when they are not at their desk. And while Starta manages multiple versions, the most recent and relevant document is available for authorized individuals with a simple mouse click.

Business processes are driven by documents. Your organization's success is directly related to its ability to control document flow. Does your company have the ability to succeed?

Cabinets & Views

Online cabinets can be easily tailored to model your existing filing system. Color coding, folder numbering, and an unlimited number of folders-within-folders can all be centrally managed by administrators. If you have more than one filing system, extra Views can be defined in addition to your central cabinet(s).


Keep track of documents that are needed for a specific purpose, and which documents have been finalized. Retain a "snapshot" of each binder you submit.


Route any document to any other participant on your project. Keep track of the status of their review online, and build up a "queue" of reviewers for any document. When one reviewer is finished, the next is notified.


Keep multiple versions of any document in the system. Easily look back at old versions, but always have the most recent version at your fingertips. Never fear lost changes again.

Integration With Other Modules

One of the biggest advantages of using the Starta system to manage your documents and your projects is that it all works together. A single document can be used throughout the Document Management section of the system, and can also be pulled into Workflows, Processes, and more.

Document Lists

List Documents by their type, or list only recently uploaded documents. You can also see a list of all documents which might have duplicates in the system, and can see what the status of each document is across all checklists.

We're Always Adding New Features!

In our commitment to serve all our clients, our system is always expanding. We try to keep our feature lists up to date, but there is a good chance that there are a number of features that are not listed here. For a full feature list, please contact us.

Test drive Starta with our free, no obligation account demonstration. In the demo environment you can try our platinum core services along with sample data and reports.

Privacy Policy

Starta Development does not sell, license, or rent any individually identifiable information about you to any third party without your consent and will protect the individually identifiable information you provide to us.