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Starta gives you the most effective means to produce compelling and informative reports. Your organization will be able to produce regular standard reports or to analyze information in an ad-hoc manner. Starta lets you easily generate attractive reports containing graphs and logos, and it simplifies the compilation process for enterprise-wide reports. The system can regularly and automatically email attractive reports to internal executives or external partners.

Starta enables you to assume command of your business by delivering relevant, timely and understandable information to your desktop.

Ad-Hoc Cross-Entity Reports

Ad-Hoc reports are defined by you "on the fly." Quickly drill into data to determine the causes of events or trends within your business. Each report can include any of the standard data fields from any single class of entity within our system, and can be run on an as-needed basis. The results are in Microsoft Excel format, which lets you sort, filter, and scrub the data further if you wish. Ad-Hoc reporting also lets you define Calculations and apply a broad variety of constraints to your query, all through a simple point-and-click interface--no knowledge of programming or SQL is required. Once you are a client on the system, Ad-Hoc Reports are free to create and use, as they require no efforts, programming or otherwise, from Starta.

Samples: Deal Summary, Production By Congressional District

Standard Cross-Entity Reports

Ad-Hoc reports are wonderful for quick analyses of data, but most companies need something more robust when it comes to their collection of "standard" reports that they use and reuse for their daily business operations. Standard Reports within the Starta system are therefore completely open-form, with output possible in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word format. You give us your existing Excel reports, and we'll take those exact spreadsheets and automate them, so that they are automatically filled in with the data you enter through normal use of the system.

Standard Reports help you save valuable time, since you only have to make updates to your data once, and then all of your reports immediately have the updates the next time they are run. Standard Reports can be run nightly on customizable intervals, with the results emailed to addresses you specify, or the reports can be generated whenever you specifically need them. A history of past runs can also be kept, so that you can see how your data has changed over time. There is a cost to the creation of Standard Reports, as they do require a varying amount of programming effort to implement. However, once the report is in place there is no charge for using the report. The initial development charge is per report, and varies based on the complexity of the report.

Samples: Average Cost Per Unit By Contractor, Current Property Managers, Production By City, Yearly Cashflows

Standard Single-Entity Reports

Both Ad-Hoc Reports and normal Standard Reports are built to pull data from more than one entity. For instance, they might encompass all of your projects, or all of your projects within a certain region or with a certain funding provider. However, Standard Reports can also be created for use at individual entities, so that information about a specific project can be exported. These Standard Entity Reports are defined centrally, but then become available at all of your entities of a certain type. The possibilities here are endless: you can have the system automatically fill terms sheets, checklists, or fact sheets in Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word format.

These Single-Entity reports are only run on an as-needed basis, and do not include any of the scheduling or auto-emailing capabilities of the cross-entity reports. As with the cross-entity Standard Reports, there is a cost to the creation of Standard Entity reports, but no cost for the use of these reports. Again, the costs do vary based on the complexity of the report.

Samples: Quarterly Charts

We're Always Adding New Features!

In our commitment to serve all our clients, our system is always expanding. We try to keep our feature lists up to date, but there is a good chance that there are a number of features that are not listed here. For a full feature list, please contact us.

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